18 april 2002

by  Bo Christensen                     mailto:4bochris@gmail.com     


A couple of years ago we bought a Gorgar from a operator. We played it a lot and I learned how to keep it running. I am a electronic engineer and very much into computers and microprocessors, so it is no problem to service and repair the electronics. One of the first things to replace was the original battery holder which was totally unreliable, it was changed to a plastic one. A burnt out Eject Hole coil was rewound, that was before I knew the price of a new one.

 Worst thing was that in my Gorgar there was the 3 old ROMS. They are so old that noone can  burn new ones. When I discovered that  on the Internet, there is a whole world concerning pinball machines, I quickly found that the contents of the old ROMs could be burned into a single "normal" 2716 EPROM. and the old ROMs could be discarded. It was always one of my greatest concerns, so soon after I backed up all the PROMS on CPU- and Sound/Speech boards. The ROM images can be found at http://pinball.wms.com.

 I also found places to buy spare parts. I recommend Marco's (http://www.marcospec.com), here I bought a rubber kit, bulps and other small parts for the machine that I missed for a long time.

 From Rec. Room Amusements  (http://www.recroom-amusements.com) in Canada, I bought a Sound/ Speech board that replaced a none standard board in my machine. When you own a machine that was the first first talking pinball machine in the world, I think it is best that it speaks !.  

Shortly after the boards was installed, I had another error. Luckily I was standing close to the machine when the 35 amp bridge rectifier for the GI lights shorted out. The boiling sounds from the trafo made me fear the worst ... that the trafo was burnt off, but a quick check showed that only the rectifier was dead. I got a new one together with a couple of fuse holders that was installed on the AC side of the bridges. The fuses are 8 amp slow blow. 

 Pinball Flyers are brochures from the manufacturer. Here are some for Gorgar :

Gorgar Flyer 1  Gorgar Flyer 2  Gorgar Flyer 3  Gorgar Flyer 4

Good links on pinball:

Troubleshooting manual and instruction booklet:    http://www.gamearchive.com/pinball/manufacturer/williams/

Repair and restoration instructions :  http://marvin3m.com/restore/index1.htm

Diagrams : http://www.stormaster.com/pinball/manual-site/Williams/

Another site about Gorgar :  http://www.techvantage.net/pinball/gorgar.asp

 Another thing I found on the net was the world of PinMame. They even have a Gorgar emulation that works "almost" as the original. (http://www.vpforums.com/vptables).

Here are some pictures of my Gorgar:


Before new rubber was installed

A picture from before the original Sound/Speech board was installed.


Gorgar by night

After the new boards

DCP_1312b.jpg (47925 byte)

New rectifier and fuses

DCP_1316.jpg (592544 byte)

Backglass with minor reparations and a layer of Krylon spray

DCP_1320.jpg (704675 byte)

Master Display Board with a new UDN 7180 mounted in a socket

DCP_1321.jpg (656097 byte)


DCP_1322.htm (851584 byte)


DCP_1323.jpg (757374 byte)

Manuals, Originals and copies

DCP_1326.jpg (407469 byte)

Burnt Bridge Rectifier that almost cost a trafo